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What’s the new mid-rise opportunity got to do with Victoria’s Secret and Bonds underwear? Read more about the National Construction Code Changes in our April newsletter.

We also cover investment, with our Blenheim sawmill commencing a three year NZ$10 million capital upgrade programme, and Tarpeena commencing the first stage of reinvestment in the green mill.

Our newsletter is all about keeping our customers up to date with industry developments, product updates, interesting timber projects and introducing members of our team. We hope you find it informative.!

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Our Tasmanian resources allow us to produce boards of exceptional appearance.

Our Tarpeena mill has the world's longest Counter Flow Kiln.

Issue 13, Apr 2016
Issue 12, Dec 2015
Issue 11, Sep 2015

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Tarpeena, South Australia

Our people are our most important assets

Our People Are Our Business

Our business has a rich history and employs some of the most experienced people in the industry. Many have spent their entire working lives in the timber industry. In fact, the combined average years of service for all employees is almost 10 years.

Yet despite this history we are also an innovative business and value the insight and different thinking we gain from having employees with experience in other industries not just timber.

We understand our most important assets are our people and so we invest heavily in them. We make sure they have the technical expertise to keep you up-to-date with industry developments as soon as they happen.

Of the 550 people we employ, over 500 are employed in regional communities within Australia and New Zealand. We take this responsibility seriously, understanding our company's success is inextricably linked to our regional communities remaining strong.

​As well as providing stable, local employment opportunities we invest in our people and develop their skills with apprenticeships, professional development and technical training programmes. Our Timberlink Leadership Group aims to support and empower all employees to play a part in making Timberlink a great business.​​
We always encourage innovative thinking and empower our people to make decisions on the spot. We know how frustrating and costly lengthy management approval processes can be and we trust our teams. Ultimately, we just want to be easy to do business with. This goes for our people, our customers, our suppliers, for everyone.

So come join us and see for yourself.

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