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What’s the new mid-rise opportunity got to do with Victoria’s Secret and Bonds underwear? Read more about the National Construction Code Changes in our April newsletter.

We also cover investment, with our Blenheim sawmill commencing a three year NZ$10 million capital upgrade programme, and Tarpeena commencing the first stage of reinvestment in the green mill.

Our newsletter is all about keeping our customers up to date with industry developments, product updates, interesting timber projects and introducing members of our team. We hope you find it informative.!

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Our Tasmanian resources allow us to produce boards of exceptional appearance.

Our Tarpeena mill has the world's longest Counter Flow Kiln.

Issue 13, Apr 2016
Issue 12, Dec 2015
Issue 11, Sep 2015

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Tarpeena, South Australia

Big enough to be relevant, but small enough to be responsive

Every day we transform sustainably grown plantation pine into timber products. These are not only used in a huge variety of applications, but they also improve our health and our environment.​
Our Company

Our Company Video, is a great ‘infomercial’ about our business and the science of sawmilling and an even better training tool to use with builders. The 25 minute video includes various chapters including the overall manufacturing process of plantation pine, its environmental credentials and much more.

We hope you find it informative and are proud to be associated with our industry and with Timberlink Australia.

Our three sawmills, in Tarpeena, Bell Bay and Blenheim, are kitted out with some of the most cutting edge technology in the world and have a long-term supply of certified plantation logs. We now use lasers, acoustic and infra-red scanners to ensure the consistent quality of our products under brands such as Timberlink Blue and Low Odour Timberlink Green.

Our mills are supported by our national distribution network with centres in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney plus a sales team in Bell Bay. This gives our customers flexibility, fast turnaround and an experienced sales and service team who are responsive, proactive and just as importantly, friendly.

Our customers  vary greatly in size and business type. Broadly speaking they are either manufacturers producing house frames and trusses, furniture or packaging products; or timber resellers/merchants. With such diversity, we understand that a one size fits all approach won't work. So we spend the time getting to understand our customers and then work with them, doing what we can, to help grow and strengthen their business with them.

We work hard to be as easy to do business with as possible.

We make quality products yet zero waste

We make structural timber for wall frames and roof trusses, outdoor treated framing for decks and pergolas, glulam posts, decking, fencing, sleepers, appearance DAR and lining boards, mouldings and woodchips.

These are used to build and extend homes and commercial buildings, to make furniture and packaging products as well as cost-effective landscaping and playgrounds. Our woodchips are exported for high-end paper products and anything remaining is either sold for landscaping uses or used to power our kilns. No waste.

Our success relies on our people and our local communities 

We provide safe, stable local employment in stunning regional areas and support local businesses and contractors. We develop talent with apprenticeships, professional development and technical training programs. In return we have 550 committed employees who work hard promoting our values of openness, fairness, respect, and integrity.

We want to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing by everyone looking out for everyone.

But how does that improve our health and environment?

Quite simply the more timber people surround themselves with at home and work, the healthier they are. It can improve air quality, a person’s emotional state and lower stress levels.

And the more timber you use, the better our environment as every cubic metre of structural pine we make, has removed 631kg of CO2 from the atmosphere where it remains locked up for the life of the timber.

Doesn’t all this make you wonder why more people aren’t passionate about pine?